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Roundtables organized by APCP

Roundtables organized by the Portuguese Political Science Association (APCP), within the scope of the 26th IPSA World Congress of Political Science taking place, in online format, from 10 to 15 July 2021:

Title: Nationalism and International (Dis)order

Chair: Ms. Rita Faden

Prof. Ricardo Reis
Prof. Miguel Poiares Maduro
Prof. Maria Raquel Freire

Schedule: 13-07-2021 12:00 UTC (1 hour 30 minutes) "B"

Title: Lessons from Portuguese Democracy

Chair: Prof. Madalena Meyer Resende

Prof. Philippe Schmitter
Prof. António Costa Pinto
Prof. Marina Costa Lobo

Schedule: 15-07-2021 13:30 UTC (1 hour 45 minutes) "C"



Section of European Studies Roundtable:

Panel code: LOC02.04 Section of European Studies Roundtable -The State of the European Union: Diagnosis and Future Trends

Chair: Dr. Isabel Camisão

Co-Chair: Dr. Ana Paula Brandão

Mrs. Sandrina Antunes
Ms. Sandra Fernandes
Prof. José Palmeira
Dr. Enrico Borghetto
Mrs. Dina Sebastião
Mrs. Ana Isabel Xavier

Schedule: 12-07-2021 10:00 UTC (1 hour 45 minutes) "A"


Section of International Relations Roundtable:

As part of the IPSA/APCP congress, it will take place on July 13th at 1 pm (Portugal time), a round table organized by the APCP's International Relations Section, with code LOC05.15, dedicated to the theme "Multilateralism: Concepts and Practices in the 21st Century".

The session addresses the challenges that arise regarding multilateral practices and institutions in the current context. Based on the discussion of the work "Multilateralism: Concepts and Practices in the 21st Century", published by the Coimbra University Press (Sandra Dias Fernandes and Licínia Simão, organizers), it is intended that the debate will address the underlying concepts of multilateralism, the new dynamics and expectations regarding its continuation as a relevant framework in international relations.

Chair: Sandra Fernandes (UMinho) and Licínia Simão (UCoimbra)

Discussant: Ruth Ferrero Turrion (UCompultense)

Participants: José Palmeira (UMinho), Daniela Nascimento (UCoimbra), Carmen Fonseca (UNova)


You can find more information about the Congress here