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Section on European Studies

Over the last decades the European Studies have grown into an established field of study across Europe and beyond. In Portugal there is already a significant body of scholars whose main areas of research are embedded in the European Studies area, with particular emphasis on the study of the European Union both as a political system and a global actor. Prompted by the growing dynamism of this research domain, a Section of European Studies (SES) was created in 2016 within the Portuguese Political Science Association. SES aims to be a platform for networking open to all that work or have a particular interest in the European Studies’ field. Among SES’s main goals we can highlight the following:

  • To showcase the work of experts in European Studies working in Portugal

  • To foster collective projects leading to outputs with high scientific impact

  • To strengthen the field of European Studies in Portugal




Isabel Camisão, FLUC, Universidade de Coimbra (isabelc@fl.uc.pt)


Ana Isabel Xavier, CEI-IUL (ISCTE, IUL) (ana.isabel.xavier@iscte-iul.pt)

José Palmeira, EEG, Universidade do Minho (palmeira@eeg.uminho.pt)

Maria Raquel Freire, FEUC, Universidade de Coimbra (rfreire@fe.uc.pt)

Paulo Vila Maior, FCHS, Universidade Fernando Pessoa (pvm@ufp.edu.pt)



Ana Isabel Xavier


Helena Carrapiço

Isabel Camisão

José Palmeira

Silvério Rocha e Cunha

Contact: see@apcp.pt